Every morning I wake up I eat captain crunch
I eat the same thing for dinner and the same
for lunch

They call it captain crunch ut I can’t tell
Cause every time I eat it it’s soggy as hell

One particular morning after washing my bowl
Threw on my tailor mad sweat suit and all my

Threw on my adidas sneekers called boulevards
And got my only transportation my transpass card

I went down stairs and I kicked the cat
I’d leave him alone if he caught some rats

Me and the cat we don’t get alone
I used to have a hamster and now he’s gone

Well any way back to the day
I had to get my self together and be on my way

I had to run back up stairs to get my keys
Cause I can see me now tonight saying let me
in please

I got my keys now that was it
I went done stairs now this is serious shit

The got damn cat was on the kitchen stove
I crawled on the floor in my nice clean clothes

I swung at the cat tried to break his jaw
But he was to fast and scrated me with his paw

Th itty bitty kitty cat hurt my pride
So I took the itty bitty cat outside

Started spinnig around thought what’s the use
I threw the fucking caton the got danm roff

Chorus 1:
Yak yak yak yak yak Yak yak yak yak yak yak
yak yaaaaaaaaaa
Yak yak yak yak yak Yak yak yak yak yak yak
yak yaaaaaaaaaa
Yak yak yak yak yak Yak yak yak yak yak yak
yak yaaaaaaaaaa
Yak yak yak yak yak Yak yak yak yak yak yak
yak yaaaaaaaaaa

Litte jack horner sat down in a corner….
writing on the wall
His mother came smacked him in the back of
his head and said you have no sense at all

He fell to the floor and picked himself up
She said get out he said what the fuck

I’m 18 now I’m almost grown
I think it’s bout time for me to be on my own

He got his fila sneeks and Giorgio cologne
Rusoleum paint and commenced to leave home

Despite of the fact that he was a tad needy
He took up a life of writing graffitti

On the side wall of Al’s kitchen
on the B force bar and grill
He even put burners in DC
even didit on Capital Hill
Now he’s up in the big league
serving his time for that
Getting screwed in the butt
everyday in the week
and you know something wrong with that

Ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha

Ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha

Chinese food can be real swell
If you can go in the place and stand the smell

Everything smells exactly the SAME
They just switch it around and change the name

Beef yock chow main and egg foo young
They call it chop suey but it’s chopped dog

Sodas taste like shrimp fried rice
and the candy bars are cold as ice

They sell everything from snickers to Herr’s
When they kill the cats what do they do with
the furs

Chinese food scares the shit out of me
but it really doesn’t matter when I get hungry

about one oclock I had a stomach ache
so I went up on the Ave to get a pepper steak

I didn’t feel like being rude so I ordered nice
He acted like he didn’t here me so I ordered

He said five twenty nine I reached for my money
I thought to my self this chink talks funny

Do you want a soda wit cha order
The Chinese sound just like a tape recorder

I said that’s ok I’m on a diet
and a soda from here you know I wont buy it

he got mad as hell started turning red
I couldn’t understand a word he said

He said chi ca chi cu cu chi ca chi chi
Chu ca chu ca chi cha chiu ca chi chi
Shuca shuca chi ca chi ca chi chi
Chu ca chu ca chi cha chiu ca chi chi

I said hold up a minute your talking to fast
I’ll break this glass and kick your damn ass

Oh no you won’t do nothing to me
Cause I’m the first cousin of a Bruce Lee

That Bruce Lee shit don’t really mean nothing
You see he’s six underground in a damn coffin

You oriental brothers think your art is full
proof I’ll
Pull my forty five out and shoot the shit
out of you

Right about then he started talking bull shit
With my Chinese style I can stop a damn bullet

So I reached into my draws pull out my forty
That’s when the whole Chinese joint came alive

Oh my budda I apologize
Tears were coming from the Chinese eyes

I said look you chink you damn food stink
You gone talk some some shit to me cause I
want nothing to drink

Give my pepper steak to somebody else
Because a grown damn man shouldn’t shit on

Ad lib out……

Joseph “Breeze” Ellis

Go For It lyrics

MC Breeze AKA Joey B Ellis

(intro) MC Hammer
If you want it, you can do it.
Dont let anybody tell you that you cant.
You dont have to hurt em, just go for it.

(verse one)
To be or not to be dope, thats the question
Are you gonna stop or keep on rushing
Farther, faster, quicker than the next man
To be the best is the master plan
Go on with all you got, give it your best shot
Dont ever think about tryin to stop
Keep reaching, pushing, hoping for perfection
Make up your direction
Dont ever stop for a moment, prove you want it
If you got it, flaunt it and get up on it
Go for yours, not for a minute, but all the time
You better do it cuz I go for mine

Go for it
Heart and fire
Go for it
I see it in your eyes
Go for it
Heart and fire
You got to go for the feeling

(verse two)
Its time for the rhyme for the bold and the gifted
Listen closely and youll get lifted
Higher than youve ever been before
Get more than you bargained for, for sure
Life can be a trip full of trouble
But you gotta stand up and fight back double
Dont let nothing hold you back Yo
when life says stop, you say go
Reaching, growing, teaching, knowing
Im preaching to each and everyone of you, Im flowing
Get yourself together, keep moving
Dont let nothing stop your flowing
Go for what you want, dont hold back
Cuz I know you got the knack
So go farther than youve ever been before
Im going for mines, so go for yours

(repeat chorus)

By Marc Kaufman
Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Writer 1986

A very popular, locally produced "rap" song has been taken off the air at a major radio station because it was found to be hostile and demeaning toward Chinese people. Even so, the song - "The Discombobulatorbubalator," by M.C. Breeze - remains among the most requested songs at the station and is selling well at record stores that cater to rap-music fans. "There's a buzz about this song from here to New York and down to Florida," said Tony Quartarone, program director of WUSL FM (Power 99), the station that played and then yanked the song earlier this month."The song hit No. 1 on our Top Nine at Nine show before I pulled it off," he said. "We haven't played the song for two Weeks, but we're still getting 50 requests a day." On the day it reached No. 1, there were more than 300 requests for the .song, he said.. "The Discombobulatorbubalator" is spoken in the rhyming rap style that has been popular for several years, especially among young people. It tells the story of an incident at a Chinese, takeout restaurant where the rapper has a quarrel with a Chinese -worker and ultimately pulls a gun on him. Nobody is hurt in the song, but the rapper's apparent bias toward Chinese people comes through in such ways as the use of the word Chink and in the way Chinese food is disparaged as being "chopped dog tongue." "When they kill the cats, what do they do with the furs?" goes one line. In addition, the Chinese man in the song always speaks in a high, squeaky voice that is frequently unintelligible. The rapper on the song - Joseph Ellis, 22, of West Philadelphia, otherwise known as "Breeze" - said yesterday that he "meant no harm" with the lyrics. "I was just giving my description of going into a Chinese place in my area, and people could relate to that," he said. "What happens in the store happens all the time - except for the gun part. That was just extravagant."And the 'Chink' stuff is kind of racist, and maybe I shouldn't have used it." Ellis said a New York distributor had recently agreed to re-cut a "cleaner" version of the song for radio stations in New York and elsewhere. "They think it could be real big up there, too," he said. "But they also want a clean version for radio, and the more explicit rap if people want to buy it for themselves."
Quartarone said that because the requests for the song continue to be strong, he was planning to explain soon on the air why the station had banned it. "Our station has a strong sense of trying to do what's right for the whole community," he said. Quartarone said he regretted that the song was played on his station because "when I heard the lyrics, I immediately said 'no way.' It was obviously insulting to Chinese people." Debbie Wei, an activist with AsianAmericans United, said that although she had not heard the song, she was not very surprised by its content.
"It seems like Asians are fair game whether it's a song like this or a movie like Rambo where Asians get blown to bits," she said. "There's been a lot of talk here about making relations better, but I see little positive momentum in this city regarding the Asian community. Such negative views of the song are not shared by Larry Eisenberg, manager of the Sounds of Market record store near City Hall, one of the biggest sellers of rap music in the city. He said that 700 copies of the record had been sold by his store since it came out about six weeks ago., "I'd say 90 percent of rap music is putting someone down - that's what the kids like," Eisenberg said. "I don't think this one is done in any really bad or mean way." Ellis, a 1982 graduate of Mastbaum High School, has never had a hit record before. He said yesterday that after eight years of rapping, he decided to cut his first record by -himself. The kind of distrust and hostility described in the M.C. Breeze song is an extreme version of some of the statements made by people during hearings conducted in the fall of 1984 into the relationships between Asians and their neighbors. The sometimes-tense relations between blacks and Asians in Philadelphia were aired at length during the four hearings, conducted by the city's Human Relations Commission.
Mary Cousar, an activist in the Logan area who has worked for some years to improve relations between blacks and Asians, said yesterday that while she was unaware of the song, her young children were aware of it. "My son said he heard the song and that it was clearly insulting to the Chinese," Cousar said. "It's a little scary that after all that has happened here, and with go much effort to educate people about the Asians and all, that this Song could Still be so popular."